Based out of Whitehorse in Northern Canada's Yukon Territory, Jennihouse provides ambient post-mushroom-folk rock, often improvised.


Jennihouse is Scott Maynard (loops and bloopers) and Sam Gallagher (squorks and blorbles).


Scott Maynard grew up in London, UK, and as a teenager moved to Toronto, where he lived for the next 25 years. Scott moved to the Yukon full time in 2013, and ran the open mic at the Gold Rush Inn for a couple of years, which is where he met Sam.


Sam Gallagher hails from rural New Brunswick and arrived in the Yukon with his family and two cats, 18 years ago. He has been playing lap steel for about the last 30 years, mostly self-taught except for a few lessons with the late great Aylie Sparks.